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Eyebrows, Step by Step


Lots of women really struggle with their eyebrows, and I see plenty of confusing ones on peoples faces on a day to day basis.

I say to a lot of women that the last thing you want to happen when you draw on your brows is that all anyone see’s when they look at you is EYEBROWS.

They need to compliment the rest of your makeup and blend into the whole look. (Unless you’re Cara Delevingne).


Eyebrows have become more and more fashionable in the last few years and it seems women of all different ages really want to experiment with this new trend.

Eyebrows do so much for your face, they give an instant face lift and enhance your whole makeup look. Once your start defining them you’ll wonder how you lived without them!


Lets start with the basics, this picture shows you the points in which your eyebrows should start, arch and finish. Sometimes over plucking might mean that you have lost hair towards the front or ends of your brow but using different products you can draw this back in.

I am lucky/ unlucky that I am blessed with copious amounts of hair so have quite full eyebrows already but it doesn’t mean you cant create a nice full brow too its just knowing where to place the product.


More natural light products like eye shadows tend to work best through the front of your brow and heavier products such as pencils or gel products work well to define the tail of the brow.

Here are the products I’ve used in my tutorial, these are products I use a lot on my customers.

products final

My Brow Tutorial

brow tutorial low

1. My brow being normal and boring

2. Brush the brow hair up with the #204 brush, this makes it easier to run the products through the hairs.

3. With a #266 brush and your chosen eye shadow (I used coquette) work about a quarter of the way in from the front and gently start building up the product.

4. Don’t start right at the front to avoid that square look.

5. Then grab a small amount of Dipdown fluidline on the #266 brush and start by getting a nice straight edge along the bottom of the brow.

6. Then using the angle of the brush create a nice solid arch with the dipdown.

7. And gently use the fine point of the brush to draw the tail of the brow.

8. Finish of perfecting the shape of the brow with the remainder product.

9. Using the flat edge of the #242 brush and a small amount of Light boost highlighter neaten the under side of the brow so its nice and straight and then pat the product down onto the brow bone. This will make it pop out!

10. And… Voila, me being chuffed with my lovely defined brow.

Hints and tips:
-Don’t panick if your brows aren’t the perfect shape once you’ve coloured them in because you can perfect afterwards with concealer and highlighter!
-With Dipdown Fluidline it just takes practice and confidence, the product dries quickly so you have to work fast!
-Make sure all your brushes are nice and clean every time you do your brows!
-Avoid too much product at the front of your brow
-Always go at least one shade lighter then your natural hair colour, don’t be tempted to pick up the darkest brown eyeshadow on the stand, a lighter one will be more affective and look much nicer!
-Use the brushes to your advantage, if your doing the arch of the brow turn the brush the right way to help you glide the product, and when highlighting turn the brush to the flat side to get a crisp line.
– Don’t worry if your brows aren’t exactly the same size/shape, their sisters not twins.

I hope this blog has inspired you to maybe try something new or change bad brow habits and remember just contact me if you have any questions about makeup or you can always come visit me at the studio!

Thanks for reading

Love Sarah x

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